Remove Alert Notifications from iPhone/iPad

When you connect iPad with Wi-Fi, the apps will be sent with the notifications. If you want to completely erase the notification from the iPad, follow the instructions and the steps to achieve that.

Every day you receive the news of the apps, as long as you connect iPad with Wi-Fi. Some people have the habit of deleting these notifications directly from the iPhone. Most wipe down on the screen of the iPad and tap the small cross and "Delete" while these notifications are being cleaned. And others maybe overlooked this very often. They do not know that these notifications still remain in the device. You couldn’t delete this data after the date of succession. That’s why you need a tool that can help you to eliminate these notifications. If you would like to learn more about the iPhone cleaner software, please read on.

iPhone Cleaner

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The comfortable cleaning tool for your iOS device

As the best iOS Cleaning Utility, iPhone Cleaner provides a solution that helps millions of users to regain billion gigabytes of storage space and make the device quicker.

Clean alerts - As long as you activate the function, iPhone Cleaner can fully read all the alerts from the iPad and show the size and the number and even the exact dates of the announcements. With one click you can delete them securely and forever. Make iOS device quicker. "Fast cleaning" is the underlying solution for PhoneClean. Click "Scan" and "clean" can clean all junk files (App Cache, App cookies, App bug reports, Temp files, user folders, photo cache, iTunes Radio Cache, etc.) of the iOS device and the work performance of the device is faster.

Free memory - If on iOS you are installing Update 9 or more app, you can get memory via the software. You can clean personal data (call list, messages, Internet and Safari history, Webmail cache, Safari cookies, Safari cache, apps running in the background, App abandoned files and alerts) selectively or with a single click.

Tool and restore - These two modes are human design. You can delete calendar, contacts, media data, apps, photos, notes and repair broken media data. Even if you have deleted the data, you can extract the backup of iPhone Cleaner.

Scan and delete quickly the notification from iPhone/iPad

Step 1: Download PhoneClean> Connect iPad to your computer Open> Software> Choose the mode "Intensive Cleaning".

Step 2: Activate the button of "iOS notification".

Step 3: After the scan, click "Clean".

Note: on the left side click on the text of "iOS Notification", you can check the detailed information of the alerts.


If you have no time and no patience, to clean notifications every day from the iPad, you can use PhoneClean. In addition to this function, the tool can make more memory on your iOS device for a new operating system iOS 9. Just try! If you think this guide is useful, please share with friends on Facebook or Twitter.