Permanently Delete Your iPhone Contacts

There are several reasons why one might need to delete their iPhone contacts. Nonexistent numbers, to avoid a person, unknown contacts, reduce your phonebook size and many other privacy or security issues. Naturally, it's easy to erase or delete contacts from your smartphone. But the real challenge comes when you don't need to remove 10 or 50 contacts, but hundreds of them. However, iPhone doesn't allow you to delete contacts as a whole. Deleting all of those numbers one by one would take a long time. Doing this is certainly a tedious, repetitive and very impractical task.

iPhone Cleaner

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If you want to delete your iPhone contacts safely and permanently, then you need the iPhone Data Cleaner. Unlike other applications, which don't include deleting your phonebook, this program can delete your contacts, photos, documents, user IDs, passwords, settings, videos, music and more. It even offers two erase modes, which is ideal for those users who want to completely clean their smartphones. It supports all iOS devices including the latest iPhone 5s, iPads and iPod Touch models.

With iPhone Data Cleaner the probability of recovering your information is zero. Once you've deleted something, it'll be permanently deleted from the device. We strongly recommend to create backup copies before deleting your iPhone contacts, especially for less advanced users.

Deleting specific contacts or complete lists is easy thanks to the tricks and methods we just explained. To protect your privacy and avoid information leaks, chose a method or program that ensures zero chance of recovery, such as the iPhone Data Cleaner. Moreover, different to other applications, you can use this software to permanently delete not only phone book entries, but also other types of IOS files.