How to Resize Your iPhone Photos

If you use your iPhone as a mini camera to take photos, most of your iPhone storage must be occupied by pictures. This is a dilemma: backup all of your pictures to your computer to free up space so you can take new pictures, or keep all of your valuable pictures on your iPhone so you can check them regularly. Don't worry. You can actually reduce your photos' size on your iPhone.

iPhone Cleaner

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Reducing photos isn't easy to do on the iPhone. Some applications state that they can help you change your iPhone pictures' size. But they actually can't. On an iPhone, one application can't access the information from another application, such as pictures. If you want to reduce your iPhone pictures, you need to find a desktop tool to perform that task. Here we suggest trying the iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner. It'll reduce the size of your pictures up to 25% of their original size without loosing much quality. After reduction, you won't be able to see the difference between the original and the visually shrunken one. Learn how to change your iPhone photos’ size, by reducing your iPhone photos.