Delete Safari Cache/Cookies from iPhone

More and more people surf the internet with iPhone. It can bring a lot of fun for you. But many caches and cookies from Safari slow down your iPhone. Follow the instructions to find effective method to solve it.

Apple's Safari browser is a welcome browser and it is preinstalled on iPhone. While surfing through the Web, it generates content such as images that are stored in the iPhone, allowing you to access the previously visited website. Anyone surfing the Internet, has left its mark. If Safari does not work, iPhone responds slowly and want more space for the upgrade release of the new iOS 9 operating. That’s why you should delete the Safari caches and cookies regularly and safely from the iPhone.

Normally you remote directly from the iPhone in Settings app. Mac can "find Safari" and type "delete history and site data." In addition to the method, you can try another way in which it will be deleted, unlike the direct cleaning from the iPhone and you can find out how many caches or cookies are being deleted. You can see the exact number through professional software - Phone Clean. Below is a brief introduction of this program. Please read on.

iPhone Cleaner

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The professional cleaning tool for your iOS device

iPhone Cleaner is a tool for your iOS device, which completely cleans the iPhone / iPad / iPod with four standards in order to accelerate the unit and release more memory.

Safari Cache / Cookies Delete "Intensive Cleaning". The mode reads the data from iPhone and messages, call list, Safari cookies and cache, webmail cache, app, iOS notifications with the specific scan engine. It can find iPhone Safari Cache Search and cookies quickly and accurately and represent the information for you. You can find out how to recover a lot of memory.

Fast cleaning. iOS device is running slower when you use even apps and internet surfing for years or for a long time. The mode can clean quickly the iPhone and make more working space. It can clean App Cache, Cookie app, Photo cache, user folder, etc.

Toolbox and restore. There are many small tools in the toolbox that can clean iPhone media data, notes and contact, delete photos and retrieve backed up files securely and quickly.

How to delete Safari Cache and Cookies from iPhone

Step 1: Download Clean Phone> Connect iPhone to the computer> Start Software> Select the mode "Intensive Cleaning".

Step 2: Activate the button "Safari Cache" and "Safari cookies" and click "Start Scan".

Step 3: Phone Clean displays the number of the cache and cookies> click "Clean".


If your iPhone or iPad is running slow, you might save a lot of junk files. Phone Clean cannot only remove Safari cache and cookies, but also remove the other data such as messages, apps, call list from the iOS device. It can help you to keep a healthy iPhone. Just try!