Delete App Temporary/Caches Files on iPhone/iPad

Have you encountered this situation? When you install a new app or new version on your iPhone or iPad, you will always be pointed with a message: "Not Enough Storage". What should you do then? The text shows you the solutions.

Whether you have encountered this situation that the similar message always displays when installing iOS 9 or newer apps from iPhone 6s: " Not enough available space to install iOS 9/the app" During this time, you get often nervous. But now you don’t need to worry about it. The iPhone cleaner software can solve your problem where free memory locations are being made without having to delete apps or music from your device.

iPhone cleaner can find out the temporary files in the memory of the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that have not been deleted cleanly after use. These data are automatically removed so that you can get more memory and better performance. Next is the concrete introduction to iPhone cleaner.

iPhone Cleaner

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The functions of iPhone Cleaner

First, it supports 16 different languages, including English, German, Chinese, etc.

Then it can delete many file types by 3 methods, fast cleaning, intensive cleaning or tool. Additionally, this software offers a restore to recover the erroneously deleted data.

There is another advantage; iPhone cleaner shows you the information with a preview window, which allows you to view the detailed information of each file.

Once you have clicked the control "Start Scan", you can see the size of the junk file. So-called, you know how much space you will get after you delete and whether it needs to release more space for iOS 9 upgrade.

In one word, this is a very convenient and most useful software for cleaning, because you can load it quickly to your iPhone or iPad and try these functions for yourself.

How can you delete the temporary files with iPhone cleaner

Step 1: Install iPhone cleaner on your iPhone or iPad> connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer> Open PhoneClean> Click on the control" Quick cleaning ".

Step 2: Select the temporary files> tap on the "Start Scan".

Step 3: After the analysis you will see the size and number of the temporary files, click the button "Clean", wait for a few minutes, these files are deleted from the iPhone or iPad.


According to the above mentioned steps, you delete many unused data from your iPhone or iPad and the precious space is freed. IMobie develops other software aside from PhoneClean. If you want to upgrade to iPhone 6s, before upgrading to iPhone 6s iMobie AnyTrans data will secure data from your old iPhone, transfer data from the old iPhone to iPhone 6s. In one word, try this software yourself. If you have any question, please send us an email. Thank you in advance!