Close Background Apps on Your iPhone/iPad

Is your iPhone slower than before? Have you missed important calls because of the power off? Perhaps, closing some iPhone Background Apps will help.

Smartphones, especially iPhone have changed our way of life greatly. We have improved ourselves more than ever before on iPhone. In times of rapidly advancing information society, everyone wants to have a powerful iPhone. In particular to upgrade to iPhone 6/6s, you should take better care to enjoy high speed. If you're a beginner iPhone user, you are very likely to crush various applications. Most users do not realize that the running background apps have consumed a lot of memory that made the iPhone run slow and consume additional power. When you install your iPhone on iOS 9, you also need to make space for the system. You should close it!

You can access Multi taskbar by clicking the Home button twice quickly. Then the running background apps will appear from the popup menu. To close these apps, you should press the app icon until a red circle with a minus sign appears on each item. Finally, you can close apps by tapping the minus sign next to each application. Isn’t it pretty laborious in this way to close apps?

iPhone Cleaner

Free Download:

The useful tool for iOS device to accelerate iPhone

There is an amazing utility program for you. iPhone Cleaner works very well in identifying all background apps in no time. And also allows you to close the apps on your choice. When the background apps have been closed, you will find that your iPhone runs faster than before and the battery life is extended. Other functions of iPhone Cleaner, which might be of interest:

  • Provides more useful space for entertainment programs.
  • Protects private user data from prying eyes.
  • iPhone accelerates through iOS system optimization.

How to Close Background Apps with iPhone cleaner

  • Step 1: Load iPhone cleaner on the computer> connect the iPhone to the Computer> Open the software.
  • Step 2: Click on the "Intensive Cleaning" button.
  • Step 3: Tap on "Active Apps"> Click "Start Scan".

After you read the instructions and follow the steps, tried the method and the software, you can remove the apps from your iPhone quickly and safely.

Moreover, iPhone cleaner can accelerate your device. It can bring many conveniences for you. Download the Software! Do not miss to share your opinion with iMobie team or share the instructions with friends on Twitter or Facebook.