Clear Internet Browser History on iPhone

Sometimes you want to delete Internet history for several reasons. iPhone cleaner allows you to quickly delete the Internet history on your iPhone.

To access the files on the Internet, the browser will record your surfing habits. Over time, these files take a lot of memory on your iPhone, which will slow down the internet speed. If you want to install the latest operating system iOS 9 on your iDevice, you should delete useless Internet history on iPhone to make more space for iOS 9 upgrade.

But there is still no option to avoid the persecution of the surfing behavior. If you visit a website that you want to keep secret, you must delete the internet history manually. Therefore Phone Clean is designed to solve your problem.

iPhone Cleaner

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What is iPhone Cleaner

iPhone Cleaner helps you to delete Internet history from your iPhone with just a few clicks, to increase the iPhone browsing speed and to protect the privacy. The Cleaner allows you to delete specific Internet traces. Once deleted, they are definitely cleared.

How do you delete the Internet history from iPhone

Step 1: Download Phone Clean > Connect your iPhone to the computer> Restart Phone Clean> Select Intensive cleaning, as the image:

Step 2: Highlight Internet History> click on the button "Start Scan" After cleaning, tap the button "Clean".


Does the magical iPhone Cleaner sound unbelievable? Why don’t you download it? Try the iPhone Clean yourself! If you have any question, please share your opinion in our comments. Thanks for your reading!