Clean Up "Other" Storage from iPhone/iPad

What is other storage on the iPhone? These files take up a lot of space on the iPhone and are unnecessary. How can you clean these junk files from the iPhone? Here is the method that can make more space on the iPhone.

iPhone Cleaner

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What is other storage on the iPhone?

A part of the "Other" space on the iPhone, is occupied by iOS, the operating system on your iPhone. For this part, there is no way to reclaim the space. But the other part of the iPhone space also includes various caches and temporary files generated by App and iTunes sync, and some of them are in the long-term not used.

The size of the "Other" space on the iPhone depends heavily on the app that you just installed on the phone. The more caches and temporary files created by apps, the more memory is consumed by the "Other". Of course, it will slow down your iPhone.

How to Delete Other on iPhone with iPhone Cleaner

iPhone Cleaner is an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch cleaning application that has been specifically designed to create free space on the iPhone; to clean App Cache, Cookies and History; to delete media temporary files, etc. iPhone Cleaner has two modes for iOS cleaning. After clicking on "Intensive Cleaning" to clean iPhone memory, you can also get via "Quick cleaning" a faster iPhone.

Step 1: Download Clean Phone> Connect iPhone to the Computer> Open Phone Clean> Select "Intensive Cleaning".

Step 2: Click "Start Scan".

Step 3: After scanning click "Clean".

During the intensive cleaning you should pay attention to the options. If you want to keep personal data and call logs or messages, disable these options before you leave it to scan.


After you read the article, you will learn what is the "Other" storage on the iPhone. This introduction has showed the method. Try the tool! If you encounter a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Please share the text with friends on Twitter or Facebook.