Best methods to clear Call History fast from iPhone

In your call list on the iPhone there are many call logs which take a lot of work space. Read the instructions and follow the steps, you can delete this information securely and accelerate your iPhone.

Call list is the important privacy on iPhone. You can directly delete single call logs from the iPhone. Most people have almost no time to remove this information carefully. Generally, tey select "empty call list". However, you cannot easily recover the data and you might miss some important information. There are two solutions. Please read, and after reading and comparison you can choose the best and most appropriate solution.

iPhone Cleaner

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How to delete the call history fast

iPhone Cleaner is a cleaning software that is specially researched and developed for iOS device. For the deletion of the Call List it is the best design for users. You can manage the process better and more effectively. You don’t need to clear one by one and you can see the number of call minutes, even the service on your computer. Therefore, the process is saving time and it’s safe. After you remove this information, your iPhone is running faster.

Moreover iPhone Cleaner has four modes: Quick cleaning, Deep cleaning, Toolbox, Restoring, it maintains your device better and accelerates even more storage for your iOS device (for updating the new iOS system 10).

Step 1: Download Phone Clean on the computer> Connect iPhone to the Computer> Open the Software> click "Intensive Cleaning".

Step 2: Activate the button of the "Call list"> Click "Start Scan".

Step 3: Click on "clean". Note:

Before you delete the data from the device, it’s better to secure these files in advance. In case you need them. And backup your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch regularly.


After the reading and the comparison, choose the best method for you. If you use Phone Clean, you can keep important information and eliminate insufficient. As long as this data from the call list or other data such as messages, apps, is cleaned with iPhone Cleaner, your iPhone 6 / 6s device will work as fast as a new one. Are you interested in it? Download the program right away and try. Do not miss: If you have questions, please contact iMobie team and share the instructions with friends.

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